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Experience sustainable power with Astro Energy – Victoria’s top choice for affordable solar solutions. Harness the sun’s energy and reduce your bills today.

No Project Too Big Or Too Small

At Astro Energy, we believe in the boundless potential of solar energy, and our commitment is reflected in every project we undertake. Servicing all of victoria, we've earned our reputation as the city's premier solar installations contractor through consistent dedication and unparalleled expertise.

From compact residential setups to expansive commercial installations, our experienced team ensures that every project is executed with precision, efficiency, and the utmost care. Whether you're looking to harness the sun's power for your cozy family home or seeking to revolutionize the energy consumption of a sprawling corporate complex, Astro Energy is your trusted partner.

Our scalable solutions mean we adapt to meet the unique requirements of every client, ensuring optimal performance regardless of the project's size. With Astro Energy by your side, embrace a future powered by Victoria's brightest solar solutions. Discover the Astro difference today!

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Discover a brighter future with Astro Energy, offering a comprehensive suite of services tailored to power your world sustainably and efficiently.

Solar & Battery Systems:

Powering Your Future

Harness the limitless potential of the sun with Astro Energy’s state-of-the-art solar and battery systems. Our expert installations promise to enhance the value of your property, offering an investment that pays dividends in both equity and daily savings. With the relentless rise of energy costs, our systems act as your financial shield, drastically reducing monthly bills. 

Electric Vehicle Chargers:
The Future of Refuelling

Step into the future and say farewell to traditional gas stations. With Astro Energy’s electric vehicle chargers, rejuvenate your car’s batteries in the sanctuary of your own home. It’s more than just convenience; it’s a commitment to the planet. By transitioning to electric, you’re playing a part in slashing carbon emissions, paving the way for cleaner roads and cleaner air. 

Lighting & Electrical: Victoria’s Trusted Expertise

In the vast expanse of Melbourne’s cityscape, finding a trustworthy electrician can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. Enter Astro Energy. Our rich legacy as one of the trusted ESV registered electrical companies ensures you’re in expert hands. Whether it’s a simple lighting fixture installation or intricate electrical work, our seasoned professionals approach every task with precision, dedication, and an unwavering commitment to excellence.

Servicing all of Victoria, Australia

EV Charger? Sorted.

At Astro Energy, we stand at the forefront of the green transportation revolution. We’re not only ready but eager to supply and install your Electric Vehicle (EV) charger. With our expertise, you can seamlessly integrate eco-friendly charging solutions into your daily routine, ensuring your vehicle is always powered up and ready for the road. Embrace the future of transportation with us, and enjoy the convenience and sustainability of top-tier EV charging right at your doorstep.

3 Reasons to Partner with Us

When you choose Astro Energy, you’re not just choosing solar solutions;
you’re choosing a legacy of Australian craftsmanship.

Australian Excellence

– Fully Trained & Certified

At Astro Energy, our roots run deep in the rich soil of Australia. As a proudly local company, we stand at the forefront of the solar industry, boasting certifications that attest to our commitment to quality and expertise. Our team undergoes rigorous training, ensuring that every installation meets the highest standards of excellence. When you choose Astro Energy, you’re not just choosing solar solutions; you’re choosing a legacy of Australian craftsmanship.

Competitive Pricing

– Robust Guarantees –

In the dynamic world of solar solutions, Astro Energy sets itself apart with a promise – a commitment to consistent and competitive pricing, ensuring you get the best value for your investment. But our promise doesn’t stop there. Our robust guarantees underscore our confidence in the durability and performance of our installations. Our guarantees stand the test of time, proving that with Astro Energy, it’s not just about affordability; it’s about long-term value.

Versatility in Experience

From Skyscrapers to Skylights

Every solar project is a story, and at Astro Energy, we’ve been a part of countless tales. Our vast experience spans the spectrum, from large-scale commercial infrastructures gracing the Melbourne skyline to bespoke architectural marvels and intimate residential installs. Each project, regardless of its size, receives our undivided attention and expertise. And to kickstart your solar journey, we offer free, comprehensive quotes. 

Client Testimonials

"I've always been hesitant about making the switch to solar, but with Astro Energy, it was a breeze. Their team walked me through every step, ensuring I understood the process and benefits. Now, not only am I saving on my energy bills, but I also feel great about reducing my carbon footprint. A big thanks to the Astro team for making this transition seamless!"

Sophia R., Brighton East

"Our commercial building needed an energy overhaul, and Astro Energy came highly recommended. I must say, they lived up to their reputation. From competitive pricing to efficient installation, their professionalism shone through. We're now reaping the benefits with significant savings and a more sustainable energy source."

Darren L., Southbank

"As architects, we always strive to incorporate green solutions into our designs. When we built our own home, Astro Energy was our first choice for solar installations. Their expertise in both large commercial projects and architectural nuances made them the perfect fit. Our home is now a testament to sustainable living, all thanks to Astro Energy!"

Maya & Jai, Carlton

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At Astro Energy, your journey towards sustainable solar solutions is our utmost priority. Whether you’re in the heart of Melbourne or its picturesque surroundings, we’re here to illuminate your path.

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